Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Week - Pinata

It seems every easter we make a pinata.

See here and here and a carrot one I can't find a pic of.

This year was no different but I wanted something I don't feel bad about hitting.

The egg shape is the easiest pinata to make.

Something like the this one from G's birthday would be PERFECT.

But we didn't do that.

Instead I wrapped some cling wrap around a plastic container and started gluing newspaper strips on.

To get a basket shape. When dry remove from container.

Add handle - which will end up being the weak point of this pinata and break - I will reinforce with sticky tape and try the rope around the basket when its time to hit it?

Fill with goodies  - This time I've put in balloons, glitter, individually wrapped marshmallows and flat toy whistles. I've found many trinkets get broken/smashed in pinata's - best to stick to plastic animals/dinosaurs, bouncy balls etc.

Then add a false top. I achieved that by a circle with slits all around to push into the basket and then stapled, and paper mached over.

Add whatever things you would like to the 'basket' for looks. These are some plastic eggs from last year and pink shredded paper.

Enjoy hitting your pinata.

Sometimes I think my kids don't really care what's inside the pinata. Its just all about the thrill/excitement of the surprise of it all.

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