Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Answers like Light.

I've never had an answer to a prayer

Now I'm not saying I haven't seen Gods hand in my life.

For THAT I have seen. On many occasions.

I remember the day my prayer about not having prayers answered was answered.

I was sitting in a bus on a church sites tour touring through upstate new york and other areas.

The Mr was off chatting with a bunch of guys in the back row.

I'm just sitting in my chair resting..

..eavesdropping on the conversation of the ladies in front of me.
Well not purposely but you know...

In their discussion one lady from Alaska piped up that she didn't believe she had ever had an answer to a prayer of hers, yet her husband seemed like he always did.

My ears pricked up. I have rarely heard anyone in my church say something like this. People always seem to talk.all.the.time about how prayers are heard and answered left, right and centre. Another person who felt like I DID!

Then she said I've thought alot about it and realised that perhaps God knows I don't need direct answers to prayers. He knows I am happy to be led, to have answers come through other people, to just let myself be open to the paths that come before me. I feel blessed as I realise it is like the path is being paved infront of me.

My answer. On a bus. In amish country. While eavesdropping.

She and her bus buddy continued on. I can't remember now all that was said, or even if what I wrote above is now 100% correct. Time has fuzzed my memory. But I remember well that a deep seated prayer of mine was answered by a lady from Alaska in a bus.

Since Elder Bednar's Talk at Conference I've been thinking on this memory. While my prayer WAS answered and I've not had to struggle too much more with this topic since that day in July 2005, Elder Bednar's talk rang so true to me. It was the icing on my revelation cake. The comparing of how light works. This talk is everyone's answer on how revelation can work in our lives.

There are other ways and means to receive answers. We are not all the same.

And you know what? To add irony to this story.

The week of hearing that talk I was with the girls at a park as it was getting dark. We hopped in the car and it wouldn't start. I was worried about closing time and when the parks gates would be shut. I don't have a mobile so was starting to think about the long walk with four kids to find a public phone.

I said a little prayer... 'please God. Please let the car start.'

And whadda ya know?

That baby purred instantly into life.

I promise that if you have ever struggled with revelation/answers to prayers, that this talk contains answers for those who may struggle as I do. Go read it now!
The Spirit of Revelation - By David A Bednar


Cindy said...

I have to say that this was one of my favourite talks! It really hits the mark for so many everyday normal people. You don't need to see angels to still have spiritual experiences.

Jan said...

Absolutely profound and you are absolutely gorgeous inside and out :) A bowl of weetbix..

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