Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Most mornings I lay in dazed stupor on the couch balancing a cup of water and a bowl of weetbix.

Add a snuggled up as tight as she can get baby with an open mouth like a baby bird waiting for her cereal.

At 4am.

This new little routine only started a couple of months ago. But boy was I getting SICK OF IT.

I shouldda realised it was coming soon. All my other girls did the same around this age. And continue for a year or two.

Early Rising Bah!

Sweet little N doesn't talk much yet. She yabbers on though with lots of uh uh oh oh - demands like we're meant to know what she's talking about. She can say Mum, No, Mine, Plane.

On one cool dark morning while constantly trying to snuggle into a soft part of me she looked into my eyes and placed a hand on my cheek and said "MINE"

Lucky for her.

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