Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dont touch me

I've always had super good health. We were never sick as children.

However, when you don't - even a little slump makes you feel terrible.

This week I've been dealing with mouth full of ulcers

I can tell you, those children just KNOW how to bump, jostle, touch, kiss, headbutt me in the perfect place to cause me extreme pain!

A mother is never truly alone or untouched.

touch touch touch poke poke poke hug hug hug pull pull pull


I'm so grumpy because it all hurts and I feel terrible to say to the kids


We have very tactile children who love to be touching, kissing, jumping, holding me, at all times.

I feel so henpecked, normally its fine but add a  little ill health into the mix and I'm ready to expload! All the constant touching makes me want to shake it off and just go GAH! ah to never be touched! such a strange thing for someone like me to be wishing for!! (I know exactly where the children get their tactile need for touch from - ME!)

I've also had some kidney/kidney stone pain and let me tell you.. its as bad as childbirth

And I've done that four times without painkillers

and I DONT WANT TO EVER have to do it again thankyouverymuch

so that pain I have in my side today... you can leave now thanks

add in waiting to get my wisdom teeth removed and I am one sooky baby!

Now I don't need any help, or any babysitting, or anyone to feel sorry for me, but I was just reflecting on motherhood being a lifetime role. It's never over, even when you don't feel in the best frame of mind. You just have to look for different ways to parent. Instead of jumping all over me, lets sit quietly and snuggle gently. Lets show our love for eachother in a way that does not require touching me.

PLEASE treat your mother gently.

or else she will be really grumpy.

yours sincerly


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