Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's been a while since I had a date night...

Every time the poor Mr has to talk in front of our congregation at church I say:

Now... don't embarrass me!

Some how that filter between his brain and his mouth often mulfunctions.

But this time it worked in my favour for once.

While announcing a special meeting coming up he incorrectly announced it for a Friday Night.

When correct that it was actually on Sunday night he said outloud to 250+ people

'Well now I can take my wife out for a date on friday night .... darling?'

ummm ok? thanks for the invitation :)

I asked what did you say that for and he said he was gonna say after "did I just say that outloud?"

see? = filter mulfunction.

So the poor man was struck down with "man flu' and forgot about his declaration of love till Friday.

Friday morning he says 'well I better take you on a date since I told hundreds of people I would.'

Can you find a babysitter?


A lovely neighbour came to my rescue (I look after her ONE child quite often. So in fair exchange she offered to have my FOUR children for a couple of hours :)

Except when the time came Miss N who happily skipped over there with her sisters DID NOT want to stay. That child is my clingy one! She would not have a bar of staying there with her sisters once she figured out that I would not be staying also.

So like good parents we are we bought her along and left her asleep in the car!

Now now before you call child services on us we were very lucky to go to a place where we could park our car right next to the varandah of the restaurant were we ended up sitting. A perfect solution to our 'small' problem. Baby asleep in car, Us parents on a date 'alone' with car immediately in our sights! win win for everyone! Plus we didn't stay long, just stopped for a hot chocolate and some cake.

And here is where I recommend where we went.

Went took a drive to Mt Gravatt Lookout and I thought it was better view than Mt Cootha.

So while Mt Cootha has the undisputed name as the Lookout of Brisbane I kinda peferred this smaller, closer to the city one. Perfect.

Had some hot chocolate and cake and headed home again.

Short and sweet but lovely to get out regardless. It's been about 4 months since our last date!

Hopefully the Mr will ask me out again via Sacrament meeting announcements :)

Oh, and I love you darling, filterless and all ♥

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