Monday, May 16, 2011


I posted this last week, and somehow blogger deleted it?? I thought I would add this post after the last one about being cold. It was written a month ago and forgot to post it. Funny the difference a month makes!

Oh the sunset sunshine on my face.

How you make my heart sing!

The heat of summer is gone so the gift of sun kisses is much more loved.

Because we live downhill hidden by tightly packed houses, windows facing east, I miss the sunset nearly everyday. About half as often I lament. Especially when I step out of the kitchen and catch the end tails of an awesome colourful sunset. Here I am holed up in a mousemaze when I could be watching a soul filling sunset!! Arg!

It seems every few months I drag the kids up the hill to eat dinner. And every few months I love it. And question myself WHY don't I do this atleast weekly?

A container of pasta and  some play. Perfect.

Pretty obvious no?

I also seems to happen when The Mr is away on business.  Coincidence?

Maybe since no one is going to especially appreciate dinner I feel its best to relax a little. Maybe its not bothering about any one else's schedule but our own. Play, bath and bed maybe so I can get a little quiet time because the mess is not made at home? Whatever it is, its nice to take some time out to go Parking. That week we went to a different park each evening. SO MUCH FUN.

except if we were to do it now, have to bring soup and a jacket! So it looks like it'll be a couple more months till I get around to it again (re last post)

See you in the SPRING!

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