Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's started...

It's starting already...  (go click the link, even if it's just to see a CUTE winter baby)

That crazy 'must have everyone in the house and in bed warm' by 6pm feeling, I can't seem to shake when the weather cools down.

I'm lucky I don't live in a country where the sun sets at 3pm in winter!

I'm feeling it and it's only May. Last year when I blogged about it, it was July!!

Perhaps it is a good thing to spend a part of the year slowing down, tuckled in (my word I use at the kids every night - A cross between Tuck in and Snuggle), lazing around our one piece of carpet, reading books.

This winter I *really* want to make better use of our fireplace. I just don't know how people do it everynight though. I'm never gonna have enough kindling! I also need to figure out a way to radiate heat instead of having it sucked up and out the chimney. Obviously open fireplaces are pretty much useless. They just look good! But are really just a gaping hole in your house that lets cold air in!

So I will make the most of this nesting feeling. I feel the need to fill our nights with less computer and TV and find ways to Tuckle with the girls in the loungeroom.  A family writing club like Soulemama posted about? Games nights? (shudder) More reading? Music practice? (the younger girls have gone to sleep this week listening to K practice the flute) I just want some quiet enjoyable family down time (why do kids have to be so irritable and grumpy at night yet want to fight sleep and do stuff?) Perhaps just some chatting and laying in the dark will suffice. Games of charades, or Uno might be good.

Winter I will rejoice in you this year. As I freeze my little bootie off in this uninsulated, feel a breeze coming from somewhere at all times (windows? Through the floor? Under doors? Gaping hole Fireplace? All of the above?) warmer outside than it is inside House, I will rejoice in Winter.

And TUCKLE down.

I'm in for the long haul.

Plus its an added bonus when the darkness tricks the girls into going to bed earlier :)

You'd think I live in arctic conditions or something. I AM grateful that I live in Australia where the winter days are SUNNY and WARM if you can find a piece of sunlight to curl up in.


silne said...

I hear ya! My girls have been WANTING to go to bed early lately so we let them. It's quite nice to settle down under a snuggie (or blanket) in the evening before 7pm and have only the grownups awake :-D

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I both miss and don't miss having to light a fire every day in 'winter' (I use that term was Tassie)...but there is definitely nothing better than lying on the rug in front of the fire, reading and falling asleep. :)

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