Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chimney Sweep 101

The train robber look was in at our house on the weekend.

"Chim  Chiminey,  Chim chiminey  Chim Chim Cheroo"

On the weekend I started with a gentle suggestion:

WE should clean out our Chimney. It's full of ash. Something fun to do on a Saturday!

And by WE I totally meant The Mr of course.

Don't you just love those types of suggestions? (I do)

Lucky for me The Mr gets my 'passive jobs for him to do statements' and got straight to it
(well maybe after 20 statements from me during the day ;)

I get out of these things under the proviso of 'looking after the baby' to keep her out of the way. But if jobs are timed with her nap, even BETTER for me!

I'm now the owner of one clean fireplace. All spick and span.

Except perhaps don't listen to me when I suggest vaccuuming up the hard to reach ash in the corners of our large 'hole'

Because then your house will look like this:

Which will equal a lot of cleaning for you and not just your husband.

I don't think we will make great chimney sweeps anytime.

As my girls have seen movies like Oliver and Mary Poppins I so motherly-like kept reminding them of the 'children in the old days' that had to do dirty jobs like this *ALL THE TIME*

Ahhh I'm all for a bit of child labour.

We've used the fireplace several times this winter season already and have burnt way too much paper. But old bills and telephone books are so much fun to burn to get those logs going!   However I am still secretly enjoying this fireplace too:

It's our faux fireplace that plays on the tv. So much fun. It seriously works subconciously. You totally feel warmer just watching it and hearing it crackle. We played it as well as having a real fire when we had a group of youth over to our house - fireplaces everywhere. One kid thought we had a camera inside our fireplace to beam it over to the TV!

I'll have to try anything to keep warm this winter. Last week I was rethinking my 'haven't had a heater in 6 years' and don't need one plan.....

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