Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Rituals

Did I tell you I'm not The Librarian anymore?
(you should totally click on that link and see how much hair N has grown since then! wowser she was bald!)

Oh I could hear those resources rejoicing when we didn't get to go and torture them again yesterday.

Weekly torture by N was proving too much.

Every poster thrown on the floor and stood on: check

Chalk removed from drawer and squished into carpet: check

All blu tak taken and used for playdough: check

All scraps of paper shredded into bits via the guillotine: check

Each study guide taken off  any shelves under a metre tall (reaching distance): check

No more children climbing on shelves, benches, sticking posters everywhere.

The children were sad though, IT was their domain apparently!

No more photocopying! But WE DO THE NEWSLETTER they say!
(shhh we've secretly photocopied our hands and heads before)

Oh they were sad. But I could feel such a joy coming from that library that we were not going to step foot in it anymore (seriously I could!) Four children in a four by five metre windowless room does not good karma make! As I stated previously I've never met a church librarian with small children, and I'm thinking I never will again. Please forgive us library :)

So we went back to our other Sunday Morning ritual yesterday. Instead of being stuck in the library by 8:15am we were free to walk and play. Back to our Sunday Morning Photography sessions instead! I haven't taken a group photo in about 8 months! Since I became the librarian basically. It was so nice, I felt that warm familiar pull into taking photos of my girls. IT was so peaceful and liberating! YAY! Not that any of the photos turned out, but oh well.

Lots more Sunday photos to come
- pretty much the only day we are dressed good enough to take a photo of.

*To be fair the girls tried to be helpful during our librarian phase. They photocopied, handed out chalk bags, fetched pens and pencils and helped with most people's enquiries. Generally well behaved.. kinda.

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The Swann Family said...

Your hair is looking great in this photo! x

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