Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tree Huggers

A few months ago council marked our Jacaranda Tree for removal :(

It was planted by previous owners around 10 years ago. On the corner, near power lines - all big no no's apparently. The council say someone will come around and cut the tree, but another will be planted to replace it -  in a safer spot with a low growing plant.

A big R was spray painted on it and that was that.

Except our girls were very upset.


They even sticky taped a sign onto the tree that said

Please do not cut down our tree.
Trees are important for the environment.
This tree is also a home for animals.
Leave it alone.

Well the wind and rain stole their sign eventually and over time we forgot it was a condemned tree.

Fast Forward to this morning. 7:30am and there is horrifically loud noises coming from the street. Mulchers, Chain Saws, ear splitting noise up the street.

I walk outside to see the above scene. I call for the girls to come and watch thinking they would be interested. I finish some chores off and come back inside.

Afterwards in looking for the girls I find them back in bed. I turn back the blankets to find them crying. Sometimes I forget how sensitive my girls can be (I wouldn't say they are sensitive children at all, but certain things do affect them) They were crying over the loss of their tree and why did it have to be cut down, and why were they not told that today would be the day. They didn't get to say goodbye.

I wonder if the man knew what goes on in houses while he is covered by loud noises and earmuffs.

That there is mourning.

(note: the mourning hasn't lasted too long, and the girls are  not psychologically scarred ( I think) I even found one of them sitting very smugly on the stump today. Maybe the stump will become a new hang out?)

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The Swann Family said...

Hahaha I love this! It reminds me of Tash's post the other day about what constitutes our children's "treasures". Children are so intune to their REAL feelings, not censored at all. I love it!

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