Monday, July 11, 2011

5th Birthday Party

Whenever holding a party outside its normal to obsess over the fact of if it will rain or not.

I checked the weather every day for 2 weeks leading up to the party and was so happy it wasn't going to rain. I thought with my obsessive list checking I had everything under control.

Except I didn't think it was going to be windy and freezing cold.

I was desperately trying to get tablecloths and pretty decorations to stay down.

The Mr, myself, my sister and our international student were all braving the wind trying to stop everything from blowing away. I was so mad and sad! I'd had this table decoration/party idea in my mind for months! Nothing was going to plan. We had to sticky tape everything down. Miss K even sticky taped down all the makeup sponges she was going to use for the facepainting booth.

But as we found out it didn't matter. What 5 year old cares about matching table decore? They don't care that the hard to find expensive red and white striped popcorn boxes kept blowing away. Or that you had plans to peg little packets of fairy floss on string all around the place. They don't care that you thoughtfully tried to match several elements to come up with a carnival themed party.

Best investment of the party?  A $6 balloon arch we made inspired by this one at Design Mom. The kids pulled it around and chased it for hours. And that is proof of all you need.
Kids joy of simple things.

Keep it simple people.

My favourite thing?

These Photo Booth Props ! So much fun. Cheap and Simple entertainment. Mine are still in perfect condition packed away neatly, so if anyone wants to borrow them, feel free to ask!
(There's about 20 or so) it'll make any party fun!

I also had a birthday cake fail. Here's the real one we saw in a cake book and thought would be oh so simple. Why did I not realise that it is impossible to ice muffins neatly all the way around. Mine were super messy!
But I also made this simple cake that I just love the look of. I love all the tiny bunting cakes that are everywhere on the net. Super cute and super simple.

What was Miss G's favourite part of the day?

Even with our police scare last month we had to stand by a promise. For years G has wanted to climb on the roof with her sister. One day The Mr randomly blurted out "You can't go on the roof until you are atleast 5 years old" And she has always remembered that little piece of information and for months reminded us that "when I'm five, I'm allowed to go on the roof!!"

and being the good parents we are... (well the Mr) she got her wish.

can't reneg on a years long promise now can we?

Sitting up on the roof with her dad at sunset - a perfect ending to a perfect birthday.

** The beautiful photo's above, courtesy of Zanabelle Photography .
Need a photographer? You need Zanabelle!


Montserrat said...

I've been wanting to make that balloon banner for a long time. I think we'll do it for the arrival of baby. . .just looking for an excuse.

Looks like you had a great time, despite the wind!

P.S. One of the easiest ways to hold down tablecloths in the wind is to gather it tight at the corners and put a rubberband on it. Then cover the rubber band with coordinating fabric strips. Works like a charm but still looks fabulous.

Melanie said...

It all turned out so great. I'm sure your little girls were in heaven. The photo booth is adorable!

Felicity said...

love the pictures zanabelle :) and the photo booth!

I also LOVE how you make your girls a number shirt every year! What an awesome tradition!!!!

Jalula said...

I love the photo booth props, and I can't believe how big your girls are!!

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