Saturday, July 2, 2011

6th month simplicity update

I've made this bread easily 10 times in the last month.
Turns any simple meal (soup, slowcooker stew) into one worth sharing.

I bet you thought I forgot.

Well I did.

But I'm only two days late.

Soooooo I'm thinking I should almost give up my new years resolution
Each month is going impossibly fast to me! I honestly can't believe another month has gone by.

But I did do something. I did stand by my thoughts/resolve to have more people over.  In the first week of last month I must have entertained atleast 5 different groups of people alone! We had many people over this past month and I loved it! Pride certainly does stop me from having people over and IT IS best just to swallow it and serve what I have with love. A fully set table with table cloth makes all the difference. A simple meal IS the perfect one to share.

The only physical simplifing we did was simplify our study/craft/baby room.
We simplified it all right - it had to dissapear to make room for our student

(who by the way has turned out to by wonderfully awesome and I can't believe I was worried. It's like riding a bike people!! Easy to get back on even after a long break. I was surprised at how easily I fell back into the old routine of including someone else, taking them sightseeing, speaking engrish (I sometime even continue to  speak that way to native australians and they look at me like I'm crazy) having dinner time conversations . Alice is perfect in every way :)

There are still a few more items that need to find homes but I think we did well at squeezing 7!! people into this house. Always a good reason to find ways to simplify things!

I read some books this month too. The Hunger Games Triology which a friend lent. I enjoyed spending some time reading and getting into a series of books.

As half the year is past I'm going to have to get serious I think

parts of my life I need to get better at

Less talking
Simplify so I can get the kids and I out in the mornings with no raised voices
Set out better guidelines to get the children to help out more in the house
Get up before the kids and read scriptures and 'centre myself for the day'
Keep a gratitude journal
Continue to ride or walk to school

Hopefully I do better this month.  xx

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Cindy said...

That bread looks divine. You eat with your eyes and that loaf just screams eat me. So picture perfect!

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