Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A sunny warm yet windy cool Winters Day.

Also the first day were we haven't had anything planned.

I actually thought we might not get to any of the crafts/ideas I listed for things to do on the holidays.

The kids have been totally fantastic at making their own fun so far this holidays.

But we didn't have anything to do so I thought we would make bubble foam makers.
(idea  sourced from Betz White)

These are EASY PEASY and lots of fun.

Take some plastic water bottles

Cut off the bottom

Find an old towel or facecloth and cut a square bigger than the bottom of the bottle

Using a rubber band (or string if like us you DONT HAVE ANY RUBBER BANDS)
secure the towel to the bottom of the bottle.

Dip bottle into a mix of detergent and water in a bowl


(remind small children to breath in first before they put their lips to bottle, otherwise they will get a mouthful of soapy foam)

Super foamy snakes everywhere

1 comment:

Felicity said...

ahhh - I forgot about your little warning about little ones and Jasmin did exactly that - she was less than thrilled....hahahaha! but the boys did it and LOVED it. Kept them entertained for AGES! thanks for the awesome idea! xo

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