Monday, July 25, 2011

I should be sent to Time Out more often...

Leaving Sydney. Do I look relaxed? I have my darling friend Sole to thank. Without her booking my tickets, arranging a place to stay and rides everywhere I would NEVER have gone on my own. As loud as I am, I'm actually a shy retiring type person who's nervous about these types of things.

I went to Sydney for three days. I had an amazing time!

Did you know it was the first time I had ever left my kids with The Mr overnight? I know, right! Poor Guy. I've just never had anywhere to go alone for an extended time. Plus I always prefer to bring The Mr with me whenever I go away. So the super dad he is, he did great. Better parent than I he is. But talk about 10 long years in the making. I went away on my own for three days!! wahooooo.

The main reason for this trip to Sydney was to attend Time Out For Women

So after my first flight in 5 years, arriving in the pouring horrid rain, driving in the horrid rain (thankgoodness I wasnt actually driving. I was crossing my fingers my young driver would be a good one. And boy was she a Sydney driving machine! We would have died if it was I driving) we arrived to the family we were staying with who met us with warm milo's and delish homemade indian food. I kid you not, I stayed with the best family in the whole of Sydney.

So the next day was TOFW.

At first I was sitting there thinking  'hhmm...  I have been to Local and Free women's conferences that are just as good as this. I *hope* this gets better. Some people who've had to lay out airfare and hotel and taxi have paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to come for this. (seriously I am such a anxious worrier, I was worrying about everyone else....)

As the day progressed and the feelings swelled I was glad I came.

(dear TOFW take note that one day is not enough. I was just getting into it when it was time to finish. Or atleast keep going well into the night. 4pm is way to early to finish. 8pm sounds more reasonable I see it goes for 2 days in the USA!)

'Choose to become' wasn't just found in the speakers

It was found In

:: Meeting with friends new and old

:: Seeing people  I havent seen in over 7 years and picking up conversations like it was only yesterday we last saw eachother

:: Everywhere I look seeing someone I knew by face if not name

:: Having people I have never met drive me places

:: Staying with the kindest family (whom I didn't know before hand)

::Snuggling in bed with said family after TOFW laughing our heads off talking

::Having a super excited american lady who we'd never met pay for our lunch

:: Just the buzz from being in the same place as 2000 other LDS women

:: Being able to sit and enjoy every meal for three days and not have to share my food

:: To sleep through the night for three days

:: Spend time laughing and talking with friends

:: To catch my first plane in 5 years!

And by the copious pages of notes I've written obviously I got something out of the speakers and was touched by the spirit of inspiration. I might share some insights in another post.

Here's hoping I can choose to become.

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Felicity said...

It was nice seeing you briefly :) and YES, Hazel and Richard are good to the core (as is Sole :)!! Glad you girls had such a great time! xo

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