Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relief does come

did you miss me?
I've been fighting the germs in our house for about 20 days. Someone gets sick then 5 days later the next one gets sick. They are sick for 3 days then 4 days later the next one is sick. My hands are raw from antibacterial gel, bleach and glen20. But I finally lost my battle and succumbed to the sickness. Mum's are supposed to be immune arent they? I haven't caught any of my kids germs in about 6 years. I was going strong!!

Last week the Mr was in jail.
Solitary Confinement.

And by the end of the week I was wishing I was there!

Please I'll swap places with you. Jail sounds wonderful about now.

Ok so he was working there, not in, in jail.
But it is a new jail and he was the only one in the whole place - doing I.T stuff.

Usually we don't mind when Daddy is away. Shhh don't tell, but we slow down our schedule, we eat what we want and watch movies in bed.

But last week was just horrible.

We had sickness, we had messiness, we had unwilling disobedient children.
I lost my cool a million times.
So on the weekend I was so happy to have him back.

So nice to have another set of hands for calm peaceful meals.
To watch them quietly play blocks and trains with their dad.
To  see the joy on their faces when daddy danced with them.

We needed intervention Thursday night from killing eachother - an emergency phonecall had to be placed to Daddy. He helped us calm down and talked down some girls and gave the reprimands they just don't listen to from me.

Later that night at 10:30pm I texted (see I'm getting good with the phone :)

Brief Sanity reigns as I drift off to sleep
- everyone and everything finally in it's place
 and know that I love you and you're the only thing that missing.

So despite illness from 2 of us I had a great weekend!

First Stop French Festival

Patriotism and Brie Baguette

Then onto father in law's 65th birthday party. Apart from a sick child we had a wonderful time.

With rock and roll music and jazz band the kids couldnt help but dance.

I think this is the one of the first times G and N have danced with their dad in public.

She's still saying days later "Did you know Daddy is such a good dancer?"

ie he will throw you over his shoulders, pull you through his legs, twirl you around, chuck you up and catch you - while all mummy will do is shimmer and shake and hold your hand - noone wanted to dance with me..

.and the reason I convinced The Mr to get up was to dance WITH ME! As I couldn't remember the last time we danced together... and it didn't happen... I tell you, having all daughters in love with their dad can be a bad thing! Talk about competition! You owe me a dance MR!

Dear Father in law, Can you please have another awesome birthday party with bands and dancing so I can have another go minus sick child and husband hogging children who won't share.
thankyouverymuch Love your favourite daughter in law xx

The weekend was just what I needed.

And now I'm getting better from the sickies, next weekend is just what I need too.

Did I tell you I'm going to Sydney to Time Out for Women?

And somehow this one day event has turned into a four day trip!

I can't wait.

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Beth Kendrick said...

Oh Bobbie that is exciting. I will be there too. We will have to try and meet up.

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