Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sometimes it feels like there are no drastic changes in season here.
There aren't really. It's green all year round.

I think I'm lucky to live somewhere warm most of the year but it can get a bit samey.

I've realised I just need to look closer.{I always do, but look even closer}

Just as in winter I rejoice in the few deciduous trees, rejoice in owning a fireplace, spend time snuggled in blankets, love my rice heat bag to bits, rejoice in staying home and staying warm.

However Spring is here now and I have been spying it.

The revered Jacaranda has started to show itself! The totally bare trees are now sporting purple tops. Just hinting at what is to come - purple everywhere!

I wish I knew the names of trees/flowers because I have quiet a few in the local area that are blooming.

Its been fun to photograph some of my favourite blooming trees - mostly on the side of the road and in empty lots and shopping carparks and at daycare. I've gotten a few strange looks.

But hey Its Spring!


Felicity said...

I can't wait till the jacaradas are out and about down here!! Your shots are lovely!

Jalula said...

I miss the Jacarandas!!

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