Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear House

This Post over at Apartment Therapy caught my eye this week.

5 Completely free ways to make your house a home.

Even though I do most things on that list I really felt that I needed reminding to LOVE MY HOME.

I complain the house is too small
I don't really have a laundry so there is always laundry ALL OVER MY DECK
I have four girls who share one room so it is always messed up
The house is not insulated AT ALL so is usually either freezing cold or boiling hot

I realised that these things dont really matter. And I shouldn't constantly make excuses on how embarrassed I am over it. There is nothing wrong with the house (it could be cleaner ;)

It's the feeling one gets. When strangers enter my home they usually comment on how lovely it is
The feelings created in a home are so much more important than how it is. If you treat it with the love and respect it deserves the home will fill with those positive vibes - they will be etched in the walls.

To appreciate what you do have - that you actually have shelter while so many are homeless
To remember home is not a collection of things - but a reflection of who you are
Hopefully people are coming to visit you not your home so relax and have people over more.

Once when K was having four friends over for a sleep over I told the girls they had to be good as our house is very small and there  is not much to do. One girl stepped in and was all like "WOW your house is SO BIG and BEAUTIFUL!! {she lived in a very small apartment I found out after} And one should always take advice from children. They are usually right.

Dear house

I love you very much. I love your cute little cottage face. When I come down the street to look at you, you make me smile. You look very happy.  I love your high ceilings and coloured glass windows. I love that you cover this family and provide us with safety. I love that you are small and quick to clean. I love your deck and outside areas that make it easy for me to entertain and invite others over. I love your large spacious kitchen that allows me to cook/bake numerous times a day. I love your fun fireplace that allows us family time toasting marshmallows. I love your green hedges that we cannot kill no matter how badly we treat them. I love your crampedness cozyness that allows us to be always together even when we might not want to. You are helping to make us a close family.

You complete me xx

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