Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple and Important

Pulling in my sheets from line drying in the hot spring sun. I'm so glad I force myself to line dry most things when I would rather be lazy and put everything in the dryer. I can literally smell the sunshine on those sheets ♥

Finally getting around to making Strawberry Pie when it is almost the end of Strawberry Season

Eating German Chocolate Cake made by The MR!

Cleansing the girls bedroom for their Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Popcorn for movie night

Finishing my first personalized family Christmas decorations for the season :)

A quick impromptu visit to the beach yesterday still has me smiling

A big house clean to give us a clean slate for the school holiday

Riding bikes everyday taking advantage of beautiful weather

Remembering the SIMPLE things helps me focus on the IMPORTANT things

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