Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr Who

It was hard to take super straight short fringe and try to boof and curl it..

My striped shirts and jackets have been raided.
The Mr's one bowtie has been taken.

These things equal Dr Who outfits.

Perfect for playing Dr Who with the neighbour (who has long hair so is relegated to be Amy :) and Perfect for the school disco when asked to dress as your favourite character.

When she saw all her friends dressed as Vampires and Zombies and Princesses and Super hero's she was a bit bashful to be dressed as Dr Who but she pulled it off. Nearly all the teachers and a couple of kids knew who she was dressed as even if her friends had no idea.

A while back it was a bit of a debate between Harry Potter and Dr Who. Important things like who is better looking, who is smarter, who is cooler (lol so funny, it's fight between the nerds ;)

Who would have thought I might have need for those bow tie tutorials I see around the internet.

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