Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day

Fathers day 2011

As I moved all coy like in front of my husband and gave him a wink and said

Well you have me to thank for Fathers day in your life thankyouverymuch...

he looked at me and said

No I think that woman was a lot younger looking...

ouch! Touche!

Which of course he backed up with "But you're still beautiful of course"....

He's a cheeky one that man in our life.

Only a very special guy could live with 6 women (my sister lives with us at the moment)

I'm so very grateful I get to spend this parenting ride with such an awesome guy. I sometimes feel I've been let in on a big secret and I'm the only one who knows the real him. {which I secretly love}

The last couple of years I found some Fathers Day questionaires online. I love to see the girls answers about their dad. Here are their answers. I've combined the three older girls answers below

My Dad is how old?

His hair is_____ and his eyes are:
black and bluey green
black and bluey green
black and blue

My dad likes to wear:
Ties and white shirts
His super cleanup shirt and pants (ie His Blue work overalls!! lol)

He loves to eat:
Soup and chocolate
A big bowl of chocolate Icecream
Chocolate Icecream
(they all say this because anytime a child whinges about something -ie hourly/daily - Daddy's answer is always "And I want a big bowl of chocolate icecream... but am I getting it?")

He is smart because he knows:

My dad works hard at:
Fixing computers

Daddy always tells me:
He loves me
He loves me

It makes daddy happy when:
I do good things
I help mum clean up
I help  him

If he could go on a trip he would go ___ and he would take:
To the beach and take us all to the island
Camping and he would take a torch and a tent and me
To the beach and he would take everyone

I really love it when my dad:
Puts me on his shoulders and pushes me super high on the swing
Helps me and gives me hugs
Plays board games with me

If I could give my dad anything it would be:
Things we wants and a long hug
A hug

My favourite thing about dad is:
I love my dad because he lets me go on the roof
He is funny
He is funny

This year he got lots of gifts. We decided to move our fathers day to saturday. So we could have a longer slower breakfast and enjoy the gifts.That was such a good idea (next blog will be about our fathers day, spring party and fireworks)

He got a remote controlled helicopter! Arent we awesome!
Whittakers chocolate bars
car cleaning kit
Big Bright torch thingy

I'm super grateful for the fathers in our lives. I'm lucky to have a wonderful father too!

Happy Fathers Day.

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