Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome Spring

Due to the rhythmic season following over at SouleMama and Welcome summer party ideas of NieNie I've been drawn to wanting the same. We are pretty mindful of special occasions here and will pretty much celebrate anything. However I've never been organized enough to have seasonal parties. I decided I wanted a welcome Spring Party this year. Yay! Winter is over! (though I did try really hard this year to love winter and I think it worked, but it's time to move on winter!)

Saturday was chosen as it was only the 3rd of the month, near Fathers day and we would have fireworks to end the night courtesy of Riverfire. Lots of reasons to party.


Camembert and Brie
Strawberry and french vanilla almond salad
Zucchini Slice
French Stick

Cherry Pavlova

We started the morning with our Fathers day celebration. It was such a good idea! Sunday Mornings can be pretty hectic around here, so we chose for a more leisurely start on Saturday with breakfast for Daddy and opening all his gifts. It also gave him time to spend learning to fly the new helicopter he got.

It was gift day for me to! I've wanted a white tablecloth for a while and have just never splurged to get one. Flowers were a must for a spring party and I scored a half off bunch. My mother found a bargain cake plate for me and even delivered it en route to a weekend away (I've wanted a cake plate for years but have just never found the right one at the right price, I've scoured many an op shop to find one but have never seen one in an opshop... they must get snapped up quick??)

Of course you have to dress spring like too, except that it was cold! what's with that! It's been colder the last few weeks than when it was in July! crazy! my green and butterfly dress was only worn half the day till I got too cold :(    but I was feeling the spring - y - ness!

A wonderful late lunch/early dinner with family and friends. Then off up the street to watch the fireworks.. Back home for more dessert and chatting

Welcome welcome spring...

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