Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lazy Communication

Usually The Mr and I go to bed at the same time or I retire earlier than he {often}

It is a rare event that he is in bed before me.

However he is trying to get more shut eye and it has happened a couple of times lately.

The other night in the dark I was banging into furniture trying to manoever my way to bed.

I grumbled 'you could have left a light on for me'

This woke the Mr up and so I kept going with my grumbles and said

'All the times I go to bed before you - I always leave the ensuite light on or your bedside lamp on so you can see when you come to bed!!!  Why can't you do the same for me? where's the love?'

To which the Mr replyed

'OH!.. I thought you were just Lazy!'

And I laughed to myself. Years of leaving a light on so my dear husband wont bang his shins/toes and be able to see to find his PJ's, bedside things. An offering of pure love and devotion to him and he thinks it was because I was too lazy to get out of bed and turn the lights off!?!

OKAY so to be fair I am kinda lazy. Not in a 'never get off the couch lazy' (I rarely sit down at all during the day) but in a "I never finish anything 100% due to my lack of attention span" so its to be expected that I'd hop into bed and be too lazy to get back out to turn off a light. Like how I wash dishes every night but never put them away or since I sweep what feels like 10 times a day I leave the pile of dust/crap/crumbs next to the bin instead of getting the dust pan out to sweep it up as I just know I'll be adding to the pile in a few hours. (I do sweep it up each day and put in the bin!) Or how I leave the ensuite door ajar because as a constantly pregnant/breastfeeding mother I knew I would be in and out of that room several times each night and its just become habit now. Or how I move from room to room cleaning not ever staying in one spot to finish it all in one go (I blame children! Internet! Having to break to cook! so many distractions :)

I thought of communication. How often are things lost in translation? I ponder because I like to think we have pretty good communication. I was reminded about honing this skill at our recent adults session conference. What things do you do to have and keep good relationships?  At Mothers Group this morning we were discussing the importance of having regular family council meetings or being better at ensuring Date Night happens as a means to have some time to actually talk and think and be alone together.

Let your people know you love them.

They may just think you're lazy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
this is an awesome post! I had to laugh because it is probably so common - I do this that and the other to help you, show little kindnesses and the spouse doesn't even notice, or worse is annoyed by the behaviours! There is no substitute for talking!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the reminder. We always have to tell people we love them before it's too late!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I like this; I'm not lazy I'm just incomplete.
found you through the family friendly list

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