Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't have much reason to head down the side of my house
(even though thats where the clothes line is :)

so the other day I was surprised to see it was a SEA of clover.

But I love clover (almost as much as dandelions remember? ) such a lover of weeds I am.

Or Bee food as I like to call it and we all know bees need all the help they can get.

We've made daisy chains a few times before but it's been a while.

Maybe this could be a spring  tradition?

Twice yesterday I sat on the ground with the girls and made clover headbands, bracelets, anklets and rings.

So relaxing.

We even spent some time photographing our bee friends.

I'm sure there are more indepth, neater ways to make daisy chains but basically I just use my thumb nail to put a slit in the middle of a clover stem. Then thread another clover through the hole. Then make a slit in the new attached clover and continue on till desired length.

Our neighbourhood is full of clover so go and enjoy laying in the grass making chains.


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Doh!! Michael recently mowed the lawn...and we had lots! I don't think I have showed Amelie how to make them yet...she will love it!

Melissa said...

Hi there. I've come over to say Hi. I sometimes see you making comments on my sisters blog "bits n pieces". Hope you dont mind me asking this question as I'm kinda new to blogging. How do you post your pictures in a way that others cant copy them? Need some tech help! Hope to hear from you.
By the way, your clover chains are really cute. I only have boys so havent even though about making daisy chains since my own childhood. I go around cursing the excessive clover in parts of our neighbourhood and I admire this One man with the most perfect manicured lawn (he is totally living in the wrong suburb). That's quite sad isnt it?

katy said...

So beautiful with clovers! My oldest loves to make daisy chains and dandelion chains but has never tried clover. Such a pretty, soft look. Love the ring!

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