Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Parenthood seems to be a constant realigning.

Otherwise those kids get away with anything.

When they are little you cant wait for the day they are a little bit more independant in doing things for themselves. Oh and then that day comes and they don't wanna do anything..

I know I wrote about Chores  and  Family Work not so long ago (and sadly have to admit that my girls are no longer doing the laundry - another thing to get them back to!)  I've realised it's time once again for a little realignment. A bit more of a push. A bit more of reigning the kids back in.

It starts out subtly too. They asked to watch their favourite show after school, after homework - no harm right? yeah that leads to a descent into ' a few more shows', more irritablity and less helpfulness around the house. I hate it when I get caught out in my desire for some peace and quiet and I allow things I shouldn't then I realise how much more hard work I've actually created for myself!

Constant vigilance is hard work isnt it? Just when you think things are hunky dory it doens't take long for them not to be again. I am not very good at backing myself up. oh and dont kids learn THAT quickly. I don't WANT to have to be a person forever following everyone  up to make sure they are doing the things they are meant to be doing. I really struggle with 'splitting myself in 5' to follow everyones schedules. which equals everyone knowing how to get out of doing things.

The part of motherhood I am learning. - It's never going to get better, there will always be some 'phase' that people are going through, don't wish 'for the day when...' as when that day comes it will only be replaced with yet another set of child rearing problems, you must never rest for that is when the adversary can enter your home, consistant and calm directing will always work (if you can be consistent!!) DO NOT ALLOW your 'ideal' family life to flitter away because its too hard to keep up with it.

So this week its back to a schedule. I've tivo'd the girls favourite shows for them to watch at once on Friday/Saturday. Each day we will do a different art/activity. Each girl will cook once a week.

Now pray that I have the endurance to back up my words!

Last night Miss K cooked this recipe from Pioneer Woman. She mastered it with a little help from me. As we sat down to eat she looked everyone squarely in the eye and stated " You WILL love this" To which I laughed my head off and said 'ohhhhh... the tables have turned have they" There's nothing like teaching gratitude by making them the ones to work for the gratitude.

If it goes well perhaps I will start a collection of recipes kids can cook and share them on here. Would you be interested? I would love some easy recipes suggestions from you too!

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Anonymous said...

the only easy recipe I know involves a telephone and a take out place...

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