Monday, October 31, 2011

Her Royal Highness

zoom doesn't work on my camera - believe me we could see more clearly than the photo shows

Did you miss me? My computer was out of action for a week! Heck I missed me!

so I got a bunch of stuff to catch up with.

First of all we'll start with The Queen.

I don't watch or read much news.

I didn't even know the Queen was coming to Australia till the day she arrived. I didn't know she was coming to pretty much my house till the day before.

So I hummed and harrrred and decided I would brave the crowds and go check her out. After The Mr told me I MUST GO cause HE was going in his work lunch break! (closet royalist remember?)

Then I heard they were telling people its was ok if you wanted to take your kids out of school to see the Queen.

well now, any excuse to ditch school.

So I took the older girls out of school and we went to see the Queen

It seemed a doable crowd at first, I just wished we knew exactly when and where the Queen would walk so we could get a perfect spot, but I just didn't know. We checked out where she was to first arrive and walk down and that crowd was huge easily 30 people deep in all directions.  I felt so bummed because I knew all we would see in that crowd would be the person in front of us armpits.

We back tracked and found a spot only 3 people deep about 20 metres away from the dock she was to arrive at. It seemed 'the best spot' we were gonna get so just took our chances.

It was fun to wait and chat and be with the crowd. Holding tight to the Mr in pressing crowds is also fun. A lady kindly let my older girls sit on the wall of the river. In the end we had an uninterrupted perfect view of the Queen as she sailed by on the yacht. She was only 15 metres away!

After the crowds dispersed I was smiling big and fist pumping.. the Mr laughed at me and said

'Enjoy yourself did you?'

Heck yeah..... I achieved what I came down for... even if I don't care for the royals that much.

I felt it was important for our girls because:

Our family history on both sides is nearly purely English

The Mr and I believe in instilling a sense of respect and pride in our girls (even though we aren't opposed in any way to becoming a republic, while Australia has a Queen/monachy we will show the correct respect)

It was probably the last time The Queen will visit Australia

It was a fun thing to add onto a list of 'things I've done in my life'

and that was the day that I saw The Queen! yipeee!


Anonymous said...

I would imagine the dear old girl won't be doing that much more travelling. Nice that you could see her so clearly.

Montserrat said...

Kind of reminds me of the movie, Her Majesty! Fun day and memory to have.

Anonymous said...

I love your attitude - not opposed to a republic, but will respect the queen in the mean time!
I empathise with your sense of achievement at a good day out with your family, even though royals are maybe not your "cup of tea"
I did miss you!

likeschocolate said...

So exciting! What a memory to last a lifetime.

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