Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Purple blooms

There are easily about 50 Jacaranda trees in the few blocks surrounding my house.

I LOVE THEM and always want to take family photos under them. Alas most are on a busy main road, near alot of signs (visual pollution!) or in private yards. this makes it hard to photograph them.

Also the season is very short. the trees only bloom for 6-8 weeks. Each time I ask the girls to do a photo shoot they say ' another day mum, we want to do.....'

and then I say but they won't be around much longer!!.

Well last week I convinced them on a Saturday afternoon that we WOULD go today!

Except my camera is pretty crappy and most of the shots didn't work out, don't you hate that when you look closer at your photos on the computer later, you find at least one child isnt looking at the camera, has their fingers in their nose, someone is crying or pouting, lots of the back of our toddler running in the opposite direction, or in the efforts to get toddler looking at the camera the older sisters trying to ensure that it is happening are now the ones not looking right

and I havent even started on the Christmas Card photo yet (oh help me!)
 (well actually we have, but we haven't found the winner yet..)

As the Jacaranda blooms fall silently to the ground giving us purple carpet everywhere under our feet we will remember them till next year xx

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