Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Candy Cane Pinata

my true love gave to me - A pinata for a Christmas Party

We make a lot of pinata's around here. It's almost not a party if there isn't a pinata. We do 'em for birthdays, Easter, Christmas. Anytime is a good time for a pinata!

Most are of the basic (not beautiful type)

Lately I've been getting a lot of pinata inspiration over at O Happy Day see:  here here here

I thought I would attempt their fairly easy style of making Pinata's
(well I assume its easier and quicker than the layers of paper mache style we usually do)

A candy cane shape sounded easy to achieve. Perhaps a tree wouldn't be too hard either.

::Cut two large candy cane shapes from a cardboard box
::Using a long rectangle piece join the candy cane shapes

::Use tape generously around edges and to stick it all together.

::Fringe strips of red and white crepe paper and glue in lines like a candy cane

:: Fill with Lollies, confetti, balloons, treats of  any kind.

Have fun!

(side note - I just can't look at Santa pinata's after attending a womens (no children) Christmas party where grown women fought over and smashed up a Santa Pinata. It felt so feral - which is why I always try to stick to non human/animal shapes when making pinatas and attempt to keep kids not too crazy.


Shinobu said...

wow... that looks awesome!!! you made that?!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold on...a pinata shaped like a man with a photo of hubbys face...swinging sticks and screaming women....maybe a bonfire blazing. I like where this is going.

About Me said...

this is awesome bobby!!!!! will definitely have to give this a go - and using cardboard is SO much more user friendly than paper mache - I've never even thought of doing one myself because it just seemed to hard - but I can do cardboard! :)

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