Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Pillowcases

Love this fabric Miss A chose.

my true love gave to me - Christmas Pillowcases for dreaming.

This is about the fourth year we've made Christmas Pillowcases.

It is a very much beloved tradition. The children reminded me this week:

WHEN are we going to buy Christmas fabric to make pillowcases?!

I would love to find a store that sells cheap Christmas fabric because spotlight is getting expensive. Some of the fabrics are $16.95 a metre! (usually the nice ones!) yikes!

However it was worth the cost (I usually nudge them towards the cheaper material ;)
when one night this week was such a peaceful time.

Instructions here

One at a time the came to me and helped me sew up their pillowcase while the others wrote out christmas cards. Such a lovely way to spend an evening. (I wish everynight could be like that)

And each went to bed so happy with their new pillow upon which to dream beautiful christmas dreams

(as I tell them each night - that is what the pillow is for - sweet Christmas Dreams)

mmm lovely Pillows: Birds, Gingerbread Man and Silver trees.

Now, I'm starting to amass quite a collection of pillowcases.
I was tempted to recycle some of them and use the fabric for other things.

BUT thanks to Soulemama I've come upon the perfect solution!

Using them to wrap gifts!  See her gorgeous ones here

So this year we'll have most of our presents wrapped in fabric with a bow.

Over the years I'm sure I'll have enough to wrap all the kids presents this way!

Hopefully it'll look warm and homely, save some trees and save landfill!

Here's to gorgeous Christmas fabric and sweet dreams for little ones!


Olivia said...

Love this post! My daughter would love a Christmas pillowcase :-)

INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

Very cute! Love this idea... and who couldn't have Christmas dreams on those pillows?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to use the previous cases for gift wrap...and what a lovely tradition you have forged.

lissyal said...

I buy my fabric online now... even with shipping costs the american dollar still trumps ours... I use for cheap fabrics. I've ordered some christmas fabric and should be arriving soon, hopefully so they have their christmas outifts! love this tradition bobbie!

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