Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Book A Day

My true love gave to me .... christmas books for nightly reading.

I'm so excited. Tomorrow is the first of December! Time to start unwrapping our daily christmas book!
The past few years I have been buying a couple new christmas books each year. This years inclusions were a Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree  and a beautifully illustrated 12 days of Christmas. I also picked up some Christmas Golden Books from a second hand book fair for $1.

I think I've now amassed maybe 22 christmas books? I thought I would stop at 25, but seriously if I find better ones I'll probably keep going, and as childrens tastes change? I figure even if I end up with a 100 over the many years it will be ok, cause then I'll be able to gift them on to my kids when they leave home (25 each ;)

It's fun when children grow they can become a more part of the preparation of Christmas traditions. A week back the kids were bored and had nothing to do so I suggested that perhaps they wrap our Christmas books. And voila all done for me! I only needed to offer a little help in the proper ways of wrapping things {so they actually look nice ;)} 

Our basket is sitting waiting for us to unwrap a book each night in December. A collection of religious, christmas tree, Grinch, Santasaurus, Pop ups, Carols, Babushka, Santa. We've got most genre's covered.

Sometimes I think I love this just as much, if not more than the kids.

scrummy christmas books make my heart pitter patter.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tradition.

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