Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Christmas Party

We had a fun family christmas dinner on the weekend.

My pinata was so tough it had to be ripped open by daddy's strong hands ;)

So if you intend to make similar - use masking tape or something that will rip a little easier instead of plastic tape and use less than I did. Tape overload = strong pinata! (secretly I like 'em strong. Gives each kid several goes at whacking the thing and takes up lots of time! but you do want them to break eventually.)
the latest in fashion - fringed candy cane boots!

The other super fun thing we did was play christmas movies on a big screen! We borrowed a friends projector and played movies on a white tablecloth! I loved it and wish I had been curled up there with the kids watching movies. Next time I will! And now I've thought about it - it would have been super cute to do a family slideshow of the best photos of the year! You could get each family in the extended family to bring some photos to show! How fun! We actually did that last year during our Grandparents Christmas Dinner and the kids loved it. We just did it on our tv though, but the kids spent 40 mins watching and going 'remember when we did that, remember that' they went on and on ... The christmas movies were a great idea as our yard is fairly small and there isnt much to do for big groups of kids.


See my post for this week over at Faith Matters its about gratitude and thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the family slide show.

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