Saturday, November 26, 2011

Second Engagement Anniversary

The day has arrived for our annual picnic dinner at the place Daddy Proposed to Mummy!

I think it's a nice thing to celebrate this cute little anniversary with kids.

The funny part of the engagement story is The Mr actually had the engagement ring in the glovebox.

We got out of the car on a supposed date night (I didn't know he was proposing)

He realised his mistake and thought, oh well just go with it,

He said 'look in the glovebox' there's something there for you

Ring was my first thought, but since The Mr is such a joker I thought he was having me on.

With wobbling hands and a beating heart I opened that glovebox.
I was almost scared of what was gonna jump out of there!

I gasped and saw a box and gingerly held it in my hands.

We walked over to the rotunda and he got down on one knee and opened the box and said
'Will you marry me'

and that is the tale of our second proposal.

A today we kissed on the same spot 13 years later. Surrounded by our little blessings.

see what I have to work with to get a photo of us... told you he jokes around.

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