Friday, February 24, 2012

Nothing. Nothing at all.

While we play "I'm A SUPER" alot we aren't achieving much superhero things.

Why no blogs?

Because absolutely nothing is happening.

I thought when I sent all the kids off to school I would have sooooo much more time.

Just me and one little one.. easy right? right?

Except it just seems a big rush in the mornings and then she never wants to leave the school playground, we finally meander our way back home. I sigh at the trashed house, and we wash dishes and clean breakfast /getting ready mess. I sit down and check the internets (mistake) then before lunch I start cooking dinner/snacks/desserts. Sometimes this takes me hours. Then I realise little miss has been watching tv the whole time so we play a little. Then I try really hard to make her nap (which results in me fallling asleep and her doing whatever she wants) and then its back to school to start it all over again starting with dreaded homework and afternoon trashing the house and eating dinner causing more mess.

Sometimes I wonder that all I accomplish each day is 2 loads of washing, cooking and cleaning the kitchen and lounge. Nothing anymore than that gets done! sigh.. because I've gotta get deeper than that!

When the 3 girls first went back to school I told myself that I will give myself a week of doing nothing to recover from school holidays. Then I will pull up my pants and write a schedule for me and Miss N. We will do 'school' and activities. We will meet daddy for lunch in the city. We will make things. We will do things (and therefore have things to blog about). We will have an super clean house, and be organised, and just have oh so much fun!

I think the kids have been back at school for 5 weeks now?

hmmmm and I don't have any of the above done. None at all...

and nothing to blog about this week except for this post about nothing being done.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I remember those days. Don't worry about the house...just enjoy the time with your little one. It will be over soon enough.

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