Monday, February 20, 2012

One Night Camping

We went camping for one night on the weekend.

It was a group camp with other people from our church

We had so much fun.

Never have we camped where we have known every person in the campground.

There were around 60 of us and we had the campground to ourselves!

Before we left I said

This has the potential to be an awesome weekend full of fun
Or I am imagining the little children forming packs of wild crazy kids not being able to calm down because of so many friends in the same spot. Lord of the flies here we come.

I had also heard several "I'm sleeing with ____ in their tent"  "____ is sleeping with us in our tent"
The details seemed to change daily.

I am so pleased to say that the former happened and not the latter.

Apart from the teenage boys with fart bombs and water bombs the children's behaviour was great!

So much fun I hope to go camping like that again!

Fire and more fire
Toasting marshmallows
Big Screen outdoor movie
waterbombs and running around crazy
Making face paint out of charcoal/fire leftovers
Group running/obstacle course games

Thanks always to the Mr who put in A LOT of work to go camping for just one night. We had a packed to the brim trailer with tents, a huge tarp, everything for outdoors movie (computer, projector, speakers, extension cords etc), ropes, first aid kit, ax, hammers and the list goes on. He set up a lot of stuff and then had to pull it all back down the next day.


Anonymous said...

and a fun time was had by all

likeschocolate said...

Love ward campouts!

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