Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pool Party for Nine

It seems I am a sucker for parties.

My children seem to get a party {however small or simple or large} every birthday.

I know people who only do parties every second year or every four years
{1,4,8,12,16 - all important birthdays - I really LIKE that Idea!}

However it just seems we always do parties.

Have I told you what lovely neighbours I have? {I do...3 very nice ones}
Well one of them let us have Miss A's party over at her house. Why you ask?

Because they have a POOL!

Miss A felt very lucky to be able to have a POOL PARTY for her birthday.

Me? I was just happy that amongst all this rain, there wasn't any rain or storm happening. I had to walk 8 children + my own 4 home from school to the party. I also had no back up plan. This was to be a very simple party.

Simple is my favourite!

Curly Straws and Softdrink
Packets of Chips


Just right for a birthday at this time of year.

And I think they enjoyed it very much. I couldnt get them to leave the pool when their parents arrived.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lovely, sunny, happy pictures. And what a GREAT neighbour.

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