Tuesday, February 7, 2012

13 years ago...

{what I was doing the night before I got married: My awesome Sydney Friends took me out and dared me to wear this granny outfit they bought along. I was too scared to wear this out in public}

We didn't really have much opportunity to celebrate (alone) this weekend for our 13th Wedding Anniversary but as we tiredly drifted off to sleep on Sunday night we had a conversation:

Do you remember what you did the night before we got married
Could you sleep (I was confused to what bed I slept in..my whole family in a hotel room?)
What time did you get up the morning of
Were you nervous
Thoughts running through your head

It was funny to hear my husbands side of things after all these years. 
He was nervous, alone, praying really hard, cried (happy tears of course)

{I have a terrible memory. I couldn't remember much at all. Maybe this blog is a good idea!}

If you could go back what would you tell your younger self?

You are doing the right thing. Life will turn out pretty perfect. Relax, he will turn up (he was stuck in traffic and late for the interview with temple president - I was petrified to go alone and worried that my tears of nervousness would be mistaken by the Temple President as a young girl who didn't want to get married) Enjoy and write down every feeling and thought from today, because believe it or not you WILL forget.

I was a pretty relaxed bride I think. Flowers bought the day before from the florist across the road {I still have a love for those Irises} Photos, Lunch with family in the Temple Cafeteria {it was great} and escaping for a slow drive back home to Brisbane stopping for whatever we wanted, and a Wedding Reception back home a week later.

I may at times want to cringe at the simpleness of it all {which felt far from simple at the time}but I loved it. I just wanted to get married, be happy with the Man I loved and not be in any debt. Pretty sure I covered all that, and the pattern has continued since.

I am that younger girl, and she is me.

Never forget. Use each day to love more. Make your goal to be more in love today than on that day.

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Anonymous said...

Ah memories..... that dress is lovely in its simplicity.

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