Friday, February 3, 2012

Sci Fi Birthday Party

Sci Fi party: The Mr decided on a Dress up/Themed party for his 40th Birthday.

His once-in-every-ten-years-party. So he wanted to put a big of effort in.


The Mr is celebrating the end of his fortieth year on the planet.
Turning 40 is "halfway" through his life he says and so
he wishes to celebrate with some of the things he likes.
The theme for the party is SCI FI.
Dress up in costume as a science fiction character from either film or television.
 His Favourites, include, Start Trek, Star W
ars, Stargate, Babylon 5, Dr Who to name a few.

Here are some of the details of the party:

Fancy Dress. Here are our Fun friends and family who dressed up as per invitation.

1. Star Trek  2.The Milky Way  3. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
4.Alien Baby  5. Captain and the Enterprise  6. Astronaut
7.Bazinga!  8. Mulder and Scully  9. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Birthday number from photos and more paper stars
(I told you they are quick, easy and addictive - I still have the ones from Christmas up!)

Dry Ice for fun effects

The Tardis Door/Entry

We arent big party people. We love to entertain and its not unusual for us to have people over weekly, but it isnt very often we try to throw big parties. I believe we've only had four between us (my 21st and 25th and The Mr's 30th and 40th)

What we have learnt:
::Let people know that their presence is more important to you than their outfit (yes several people told me they didn't come to our party because they couldn't think of a costume.... sad face :(

::We asked for adults only party because between our invited friends there would have been 60 children (and our house just aint big enough for THAT party) however this also prevented quite a few people from not being able to attend. I need to think of an idea where kids can be somewhere nearby but not 'at the party' (hello... dear neighbours.. I need a favour.... ;) suggestions appreciated.

::The Mr recluctanly joined facebook last year. He thought of all those invites he missed getting via facebook and did the same. Maybe not that many people actually check their facebook   - handwritten invites next time!

::Whilst it may look like we are loser no friends (well, its always a possibility ;) several people also had to work. I really think there should be a ban on people who have to work on Saturday nights. Really.

:: Over invite if you want a big party.
(except the time you do that everyone will come and your house will explode with people ;)

But even though we were low in expected numbers - and felt a bit silly, I learnt that it doesn't matter. We were there and our children were there. We had fun coming up with ideas and preparing. We had fun decorating, creating and having a common goal. The girls spent hours decorating and making their own outfits.

They dreamed, and planned, and giggled and spent hours days experimenting with dry ice effects.

And I suppose that is the best gift one can ever give.

Hope you enjoyed and loved your birthday party Mr

 see you at 50 ;)


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You certainly are an imaginative bunch.

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