Monday, March 5, 2012

Meow...A Cat Party

Miss K decided on a Cat Theme for her birthday. I wasn't sure if she was a little too old for this, but she insisted. I thought it was sweet that a turning 11 girl is still young at heart. Much preferable than the alternative. It was also a good theme as she was able to help and make alot of it with me.

The cat theme came about by her year long obsession with these booksWarrior Cats!! . Many of the kids are reading them. If you like reading, animals and adventure I'm sure your kid will love these books. We even watch the warrior cats YouTube videos. and online games. And love to pretend play 'cats'

One of the main cats is orange so that became my theme.

Cat Plates, Cat drinks, Cat Themed number birthday shirt, Pin the tail on the Cat Game, Cat Pinata.

I purchased a letter stamping kit and made each of the girls a Cat Tag Collar. These are made by hammering the letters onto washers. Using a nikko to make it black and wiping the washer before the nikko dries will leave the inside of the letters dark enough to read. We attached them onto some lace ribbon for instant cat collars.

Decorate a Cupcake. Each girl recieved a cupcake with the idea to make a cat cake. Licorice, sour straps, mini m&m's, freckles and tic tacs were used. The large birthday cake was made in similar fashion. I will say it was one of the easiest and quickest birthday cakes I've made. I'll be sure to stick with that style in the future.

We made cat masks using pipe cleaners and pom poms and pens and cat tails by stuffing newspaper into knee hi stockings and tieing them around their waist with elastic

Mouse hunt game using fillable plastic easter eggs. Good time of year to have this idea as plastic eggs are plentiful at the moment. Basically draw a mouse face with nikko onto one end of the egg. Hot glue gun some little felt triangles for ears and a piece of string for a tail. Fill with treats and hide around the yard for the 'cats' to find. The girls were really into this game and insisted on finding the mice on all fours and picking them up in their mouths! I made 24 but the children would have loved more and to keep looking.

All in all the girls enjoyed the party and most of them (bar one child) were interested in sitting and doing crafts. They were all eager to 'just play cats please?' worrying that their parents would be there to pick them up all too soon leaving no time for Warrior Cats!

I collected these ideas from varying places. Credits go to:
 maya made
 maya made #2
Whimsy Love



katy said...

How Great!! I would love to throw a cat party for one of my girls. Hmmm, need to plant the idea. The girls look like they had a very fun time.

irma said...

Thank you so much for this site. My daughter is turning 11 and is obsessed with "Warriors" as well and wanted a Warriors cat party. They will be making ears, cat collar and Face Painting each other--which I know will be a chaotic fun time.

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