Friday, April 27, 2012

What I have learnt...

We had a wonderful day. Good traffic, good weather, good food and good friends!

This was the first time doing/watching fishing for some of my girls. Our friend kept catching this small fish and throwing it back. We're pretty sure that we were just recatching the same fish. 5 times we caught it. Miss N wasn't too sure about the kissing the fish part :)

It's funny how we have to be taught the same thing over and over.

Once again {again!} I was taught that:

new surroundings, water, nature objects, animals = hours of quiet from my children.

add a mix of  fun friends/other big kids and adults and you won't see them all day except to eat.

I muse sadly that if I passed a stick, some shells/rocks, water and string to my kids at home

and said 'go have fun for the next five hours' probably wouldn't work. {dang!}

Yet while camping or at the beach or nature day trips this is what we get.

Children out running, playing, building, swimming, building animal habitats

and not bothering me one bit...

At home when I try to kick them out of the house it's usually to get something done, or a rest cause I'm feeling unwell. They seem to just know I need space which turns to even more hovering.

What a blessing then, that their lack of hovering is linked to me not having access to things I need to do.

It's like an ultimate blessing for all around.

Kids might be occupied...

but now you get to sit and watch.  {or join in}

We ran in waves, swam, drew in the sand, dug tunnels, went fishing, caught tiny crabs, ate food.

Such a wonderful day.

A reminder to do it more often. {not that I don't} but a reminder to force it more often. I find in a larger family there is ALWAYS someone who doesn't want to do what is planned. There is often complaining, a tussle, even a fight.  More walking, trips to the park, art, bike riding, laying in a field, walking along the water, day trips etc is what I want ... BUT there is always someone being a pain and preventing us from doing more, more often and I sometimes let that prevent me from getting us out of the house.

No more! Be strong. Be tough. Get OUTSIDE...... its for their own good! :)

The beach NOT in Summer is my favourite!!
So Nice and now's the time to organise some more visits.

{ It's too hot in Summer... blerg. Say no to hot sand, burning sun, so much suncream everything sticks to you, sweat and more sweat. Our family are vampires.. burnt to a crisp by mere mention of sun. Autumn beach visits are perfect for us!}

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Anonymous said...

The same fish..really..thing must have jelly beans for brains.

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