Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Milk froth and other goings on.

Nothing is happening.   NOTH.ING.

Maybe that's what happens this time of year.

It's a bit of a transition time.

We've had free saturdays for the past month {what the? that never happens!} and have just been kicking back, sitting in our jammies, cleaning the house....

That transition from summer to winter.

Time to tuckle in {our bedtime word. Tuckle in. Tuck and Snuggle}

It rained all weekend and we read books, watched movies and drank milo

For those that are interested I have learnt how to make awesome milk froth. I feel so fancy! I get a half cup of milk and put it in the milkshake maker/wizzer thing. I discovered that Lite Milk froths up like marshmallow in seconds! Regular milk or Trim milk does not work. ONLY Lite Milk. Anyway that little bit of milk turns into a huge cup milky goodness full of air! I then heat the cup in the microwave briefly to warm it.. DO NOT warm the milk first. I will not froth. This then makes enough froth to be scooped over six cups. YUM. I feel like I'm in a restaurant/cafe!

We had our first fire of the season

{They did it without me while I was at a meeting. So I shall blog the next one as if it is the first}

I've been sewing Rice Heat Bags {mmmm I luff them! tutorial here }

{It's not cold yet but we could not live without ours as we don't have a heater. We put them in our beds to warm the sheets, we put them down our shirts, we put them in the bottom of sleeping bags the girls walk around in. They make little cold children EAGER to go to bed :) They are safe and the girls heat up their own as they need. 1-2 mins microwave is perfect, little packets of heaven they are}

We've been riding everyday since someone learnt to ride their bike.

{it keeps me warm! sweating even! with a bike with broken gears I'm pushing hard the whole way. I have such a lazy disposition. I am so grateful for kids who push me to do more}

Quiet afternoons of homework afternoon tea and computer time

{I'm always up and down with this! I know as a kid I loved my easy afternoons of coming home from school and watching a little tv, so I feel bad when I don't want my kids to. I'm learning to relax and let go and realise they have probably played enough at school and might not want to {but I want them to!!!} As we don't do any organised sports or classes I feel I should be schlepping them to parks, doing crafts, biking, running around outside, playing with balls, cricket or something, building cubbies... but getting them to do that.... and then I feel bad ... you didn't do that as a older kid I tell myself..... oh well... we shall have the manic of up and down depending on mum's motivation}

....and that has been my life the past weeks.

Along with lots of warm food making

- minestrone, herb loaf bread, Beef and Barley Stew, Chinese Dumplings, to name a few.

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