Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long Weekend

I think that is the sunrise. That tiny orange smidge. 10 mins later it was black with rain.

Last week I mentioned in passing that the Queens Birthday public holiday was coming up and we better see what we could do with daddy.

A child pipes up with

But we go watch the sunrise every queens birthday remember?

oh yeah. right.

We have done that for the last two years - seen here  and  here  so it is obviously tradition now right!?!

So off I go insearch for a perfect sun rising watching location.

We live in a gully (well downhill I should say , innercity with tightly packed houses)

soooooo the sun is usually quite a ways up before we get to see it.

Sun rise watching locations can be hard to scout. By that I mean you don't want the location too far away so you don't have to get out of bed too early! {personally I would have loved watching from the Coast} no, I want a perfect spot close to home , too much to ask?

In the end we went the same spot as last year. But no sunrise! Just cloud and rain and cold wind.

There was one other car there on the top of the hill. And whaddayaknow... we KNEW them! Another group of young adults from our church! Love how small the world is sometimes! Or maybe we were the only crazy people hoping for a sunrise on a wet day!

On the plus side for the weekend - on Saturday we found a new 'country feeling' spot only 10 mins from the city. It was nice to walk in a place with river, trees, cows, swans, birds, dirt, sticks, rocks etc. Even if we walked really far and the little kids were too tired to walk back. I tell ya scarves are not only good for keeping you warm.. they also work as a rope to pull tired kids 2km back to the car. And to make kites out of to get them to giggle and forget how tired they are! Luff you scarf!

and we had 3 fires in the fireplace this weekend. So cozy. Thanks to The Mr for his chopping of wood. We like to pretend we are tough country folk and that our dreams of owning some land out in the bush aren't totally crazy for city folk like us. Ha. Well I did enjoy the heat and relaxation that eminates from wood fires. Oh and the pyro children. They love it too!

and that is how you have a Queens birthday long weekend.

{oh and you also include a midnight run to a friends house going into labour, to look after their other kids. I was so excited! and then I was tired the next day. You'd think I gave birth! lol.}

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me..towing kids with scarves and baking in front of a fire..good stuff.

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