Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glasses help everything.

Did you miss me?

All 50 of you. My beloved subscribed readers.

Sigh. Nothing is happening. No inspiration. Writers block. Dull Life.


I used to blog while kids napped.

Now there is no napping.

And those older kids hog the computer all afternoon.

Then it's dinner, cleaning, yadda yadda and its 9pm before I can get back here.

.... and I'm tired and still have nothing to say.

I even thought alot this week about  giving up blogging.
I've obviously run out of things to say {sacriledge!} or that I'm wasting my time.

It's nice to keep this little journal though.

But I don't want to be boring and mundane.

But then I tell myself that I follow plenty of blogs that are really not about much at all.

So I'll cut myself some slack. Why should I be different.

You all want to know about my regular ol life right??? right!?

{If only I wasn't so envious of big bloggers making money showing pics of the hamburgers they eat and walking around city and photos of their cute babies.... and not much else.... or a photo a day no words fashion blog, or some simple paper crafts, or life of those living overseas, or daily musings on farm, and a bunch of silly frivolous other things I follow}

Except I don't live somewhere exotic, I'm not crafting barely at all these days, I don't eat out nor have any cool recommendations, I don't live on a farm or have any animals, I'm not a fashion blog, I don't own a camera {luff you iphone }, I don't have anymore cute babies,

Oh so that leaves me with what?

Taking self portraits in my kids play glasses .... thats what!


chibbylick said...

Don't stop, I'd miss you!

Miguel said...

It's funny that you say you don't live anywhere exotic because we moved here because it was as exotic and as far as we could manage. Oh and I love the glasses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
Don't stop writing!!!!!! I love reading your blogs!...they're about the only one I do read... It makes me feel normal as a stay at home mum and I connect with so much of what you say...Love it...
X Emma (Allen)

Montserrat said...

Well I love this post because it totally shows me that even though you are in Australia {hello, that is exotic to me!} your mothering days are a lot like mine.

And I am so glad those are play glasses. They just aren't you.

Stace said...


katy said...

I am right there with you. I feel the same exact way. I'm really struggling to find my way with blogging since moving home to Seattle. I feel like I have nothing to share - no exotic location, no well styled life, no arty photos of me doing things, nothing . . . why does my blog exist? I still enjoy it, most of the time. But I think as blogs get more and styled and sleek there is less audience for us "regular folk." I'm still read you! I just don't leave comments very often. I'll try and be better.

Jeffy said...

Don't stop blogging, it brings joy to my work day reading all your cool updates. Though sometimes i feel it might be like when mum rings and says "Son i haven't seen you put anything on facebook for a while" i tell her that's because nothing interesting has happened latley.

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