Friday, June 22, 2012

Winter Solstice

Doesn't the year go fast?

I remember our last winter solstice celebration


It's nice to think of the bigger pictures sometimes and realise we are on this spinning mass circling the sun each year. I read someone say recently about her daughers first birthday - she's survived her first revolution around the sun! kinda amazing when we think about it.  I like to take a little time out to reflect that fact occassionally. I was even able to teach the girls a little about it. They want to know how it can be the shortest day when there is always 24 hours in a day - its funny how kids don't really realise the sun sets earlier and earlier each day.  And a brief talk how how thankful we are for electricity so we don't have to sit in the dark all winter long!

We did the same things as last year.
Watching the sun set (and I saw it rise) A fire with marshmallows. Soup. Early Bed!

Our day started with sunrise (which was 6:40) but we dont see the sun till around 7:30! The sky was crystal clear blue and then BAM! Fog rolled in from nowhere and stayed for about 2 hours. Very fitting for this day. It was cold and foggy.

The fog! mins after those first photos

Then the day warmed up and was hot! I was wearing summer clothes it was so warm. I just re read last years post and it was the same! warmest day in weeks! so funny that on the shortest day, midwinter the last two years (possibly more often than that even) its been HOT.

We spent the afternoon in the park playing and watching the sun set.

And then home for soup and a fire!

I love the shorter days and cozy home and early bedtime. I also love the anticipation of the sun gradually coming closer and warming us that little more. Slowly filling our home with light.

And that is why I like to take a little time to remember the sun and the seasons.

We can find a little happiness in each phase of the year

So enjoy the short days while you can.


Felicity said...

Love your skyline shots in this post!! Gorgeous pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

A lovely celebration and I especially like those last few photos of the evening.

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