Monday, July 2, 2012

This Morning

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This morning was cool.

My littlest had woken as cold as a popsicle at 5am and came and burrowed into our bed.
Once warm and snug drifted straight back to sleep.

Tv is allowed mornings on holidays. Big kids rushed off to sit piled amongst blankets.

I awoke properly at 7:30 {ahhhh bliss} to a big child sneaking my iphone from off my bedside table.

I looked over to the sleeping angel. It's not often we get to see our little ones so still and peaceful.

Her eyelids almost translucent. Her button nose. Her perfect cupid lips. Her creamy skin.

All surrounded by blankets.

I studied her face, she had a hand stretched above her head and her fingers twitched intermittedly.

Eyelids flutter, fingers stretching she was coming out of her slumber.

She awoke, eyes ablaze almost immediately, slightly wondering. She realised where she was and basically flipped over to Daddy. She cradled his face brushed his lips with her fingers.

A few mins later and her words were

'I have your Ipad Daddy?'

And we were in full on swing to the day.

I believe it was a gift.
In those few minutes she looked like a baby. Her hair back so her round face exposed.

Instead of using the quiet to check my phone, messages, facebook, read my phone was gone.

It was too cold to get out of bed. I've read all the books beside my bed.

Instead I had 20 mins to gaze at a sleeping babe.

I briefly thought I wish my phone was here so I could take a picture.

But it was because there was no phone I got to see such a treasure.

I will have to remember by these words alone.

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