Friday, July 13, 2012

Party Fatigue Prevention

Most simple yet my most favourite cake I've made
photo credit: Zanabelle Photography

As I gear up for another birthday party (make it two) parties are on my mind.

Sometimes I cringe putting up our parties.

And think no one will want to know these ideas, see our sad  homemade parties.

But then I feel it's my duty.

My duty to show:

A realistic, simple, themed birthday party that cost around $100

While looking for ideas for the cat party I came across a beautiful cat themed idea

I used said ideas, but immediately thought:

Those kids are models, there is NO actual party going on, who has white carpet, white walls, white couch and lets a party anywhere near it,  with beautiful sunshine lighting - the lighting is fake! The entire house matches the party - is that even possible?

So while I love the internets and the wonderful idea's I don't enjoy some of the depression that may come along when your party looks, sounds, ends up NOTHING like pictures on party design blogs.

Hence my willingness to share.

Real life. Real parties.

Back to the cat party - I walked home 10 kids from school.
They were extremely hyper BEFORE we even got home and ate sugared foods.

Yeah nothing like those beautiful kids and homes photo inspirations.

Here are a few of the parties we've done over the last few years:

Cat Party
Pool Party
Sci Fi Party
Carnival Party
Magic Party
Beach Theme Party
Spots, Dots, Polka Dots Party
Afternoon Tea Party
Easy Beach Cake
Birthday Traditions Ideas

My tips for birthday parties:

A theme helps me keep it all together.
A list starting 3 weeks out.
I buy decorations, ingredients in small amounts in my weekly shopping to spread the cost.
2 weeks out I start making props {photobooths, decorations etc}
1 week out start on pinata.
3 days out I bake the cake and freeze it uniced.
2 days out check I've done everything. {finish up unfished decorations etc}
1 day out prepare food, clean house, hang decorations.
Day of party - Ice cake and clean.
A written out schedule of the party - doing what when so you don't forget anything.

Now this might seem like a lot and overwhelming but it really helps to have no party stress. After the kids are in bed I'll paint a backdrop, or sew some paper decorations etc. Each day I'm only spending a small amount of time working on something. No long nights, no rush. Slow and steady.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
I love your birthday party posts and ideas - I especially love the traditions you have for all birthdays - candle wreath, t-shirt etc.
Don't worry that your house is not magazine worthy! Your ideas are and we can see that the kids are having a great time!
I also enjoy putting effort into my kids at home parties, sometimes I think its lame and I should just fork out and take them to lazer force or something, but then I hear report from one of the friends that it was a cool party! A favourite was Bear Grylls - Man vs Wild, complete with building a shelter in the jungle and eating insect guts. We had a ball, the backyard and party goers ended up covered with slime (unintentionally but very enjoyably) and nothing was photogenic!
There's a difference between boys and girls parties I see!

Grace Laced Lifestyle said...

I love your blog! You are creative, fun, AND sassy; my kind of gal! I LOVED all of your birthday party theme ideas and can't wait to use some with the little ladies in my life; my nieces. By the way, your little ones are adorable! I'm excited to begin following your blog, your positive energy is contagious =)

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