Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scarf Challenge

I've promised myself I am not going to be cold this year. {even with no heating}

So far its worked

Now we are entering the coldest part of year though, we shall see. IT was cold this morning!

Eating warm foods and making sure I'm plenty layered and a positive outlook - enjoy the cool.

After my post mentioning scarf styles I set myself a goal to try a few of them and wear a scarf often (usually every couple of days)

We rode our bikes to and from school every day last term so the scarf was often necessary in the cool morning ride but discarded later in the heat of the day.

So here is my scarf challenge:

It was fun.

I do love a good scarf. I was especially happy {can you tell lol} in that middle photo with the cream scarf. I was walking in the rain without an umbrella pushing a pram. A scarf also makes a good rain hat. Or the one where I said I look like the Queen. That was in the cold watching the sunrise last month. Brrrrr a scarf makes a good head warmer. But most of all I like how warm I feel when my neck is covered but with the flexibility to remove it. Like the day I found my daughter shivering on the concrete at school parade. The scarf is so big she wrapped herself and a friend with it. Or the time my legs were cold and I could lay it across my lap. So functional in so many ways!

Here's to the cold. And scarves.

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