Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sports Day

One of the up sides of going to a small school means that on sports day you'll be sure to receive a ribbon of some sort. Which is lucky for us. We are participators and cheerers and love dressing up and team spirit but we are kinda mediocre at most things.

But that is OK!

A few action snap shots makes everyone feel better. Getting a few seconds and thirds (even if there are only 4 competitors ;) makes for jubilation. A reminder of trying our best no matter what is good too. And if in the end you get no ribbons its ok because you have a blue face and blue hair and you had fun.

Three of us had husky voices for a few days from all the yelling and cheering.

Lucky sports day only comes once a year.

We aren't a big sporty family {we more enjoy doing things slowly/ non competitional for fun - swimming, bike riding, walking, etc} but as evidenced on sports day some children are just so natural and good at sports and some not at all. So being in the middle is probably a fine place to be.

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Lola said...

Oh this is lovely! I completely agree with you about it being more important to participate and have fun instead of worrying too much about winning! I am completely the same and I think it gives you a much better attitude and sets you up better for life! I hope that I can instil that attitude in my son as well as you have with your girls!!

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