Monday, August 6, 2012

The Birthday Shirt

Last year I tried my hardest to convince someone to have their number 5 birthday shirt in tally lines { llll } I thought it clever no? However obviously my kids just don't get it, and there was a big NO WAY to that idea.

With another birthday looming and being a young easy going kid I made the decision to do 111
(not 'she's 111?' as The Mr pointed out - but 3  tally marks or fingers as kids are likely to show when asked how old they are!)

This is the easiest birthday shirt you'll ever make and could work well for number 1 and 2 ...
 or really any number up to 10. If you've got enough ribbon.


Basically find strips of ribbon you like. Wider ribbon is easier to sew on in my opinion.

I used a little hemming tape to iron the ribbon into place.

Then sew around the edges of the ribbon.

And in 5 mins flat you have a Tally Count Birthday Shirt!

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I started this tradition 4 years ago now. My third child was 2 and I saw freezer paper stenciling of numbers on shirts. I just used regular acrylic paint and it was so easy. Of course her older siblings {5 and 8 at the time} wanted them too when their birthday came. And thus began a tradition. Anyway I'm telling you don't think kids will think things are silly. Even older kids. I keep wondering when they are going to be too cool for it.. but at 11 my eldest still asks for her birthday shirt. Funnily enough its become such a family thing that the Mr said... I didn't get a shirt for my 40th! ha! that would have been so cool. Wish I had thought of it back in January!

I also like that it extends birthday presents. I buy $4 shirts to do these birthday shirts. Because it has now become a present, I often only have to buy  2 more presents and with their breakfast and candle ring the table looks oh so full of birthday delights.

Anyway just some thoughts if you thought you might also like to do similar.

Happy Birthday Traditions!

Do you have birthday traditions? Wanna Share?

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