Tuesday, August 28, 2012



The Mr has been travelling for work for 7 weeks out of the last 10.

After several failed attempts we managed to get me to join him on one of them!

So I got 2 days in Newcastle.

Now I'll admit that Newcastle has never really been on my list of places to holiday...

But it was great!

Perfect little town for a getaway.

Wonderful beach views and several things to do in walking distance as we didn't have a car.

and the silence.. ahhh the blissful silence.


There should be some rule that says parents without their children should be able to sleep for 12 hours straight. What's the deal being sans kids and still waking several times a night and be up at the crack of dawn due to body clock and unfamiliar hotel beds??? Life is so unfair! All I want is some sleep! The upside is that is the ONLY bad thing that happened on the weekend! I had the best time I've had in a while.
We stayed here at Noahs on the Beach - gorgeous views from each room
 Ate the best dinner I've had in ages here at Jonah's on the Beach
Yum breakfast in cute vintage cafe Frankies Place 
It was super windy down there. In the blustering wind we visited

I enjoyed full days of sight seeing, walking and more walking, big breakfast at quaint cafes, beach views, dinners out, mid day naps, laying in and reading. I commented that it was sooo nice NOT to have to be anywhere. I can keep walking, keep sightseeing, wander down gorgeous laneways full of OLD beautiful houses and have no need to stop. I recalled that I haven't had this feeling since 2005 {when we were holidaying in the USA}

This might be the first year where in we reach a yearly goal we keep making and failing at. Each year we try to have one family holiday and 2 short overnighters/getaways for The Mr and I. I don't think we've ever reached our goal! This year we will! We had our birthday getaway, now newcastle and in a few weeks we are off for a family beach house holiday. Makes me so happy. This trip reminded me how amazing it feels for a little time out.

I also came to realise that my husband likes to read plaques. He even said "Stop for a sec...I like to read plaques".... Then you find out a town like Newcastle has LOTS of plaques! Several war memorials, old forts and lookouts and plaques on the ground.. they were everywhere. So cute to find out more quirky things about your spouse. He really is the most darling thing.
small collection of the many plaques he read...

Newcastle had an offering of everything -
nature : beaches, cliffs, rocks etc
historical: old homes, army fort with guns, convict works, a town with history dating 1797
industrial: fun ship spotting, cranes all about,  mining etc
lookouts: hills with views,
Food and rest.

A place that could cater to most peoples tastes.

and looking through all my photos makes me want to go on another holiday already!

I'm so greedy!


Felicity said...

"He really is the most darling thing" - that in and of itself is beautiful :)!! Gorgeous photos and how lovely to spend a couple of days relaxing!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you had a long weekend together! It sounds like you had fun and the photos are gorgeous!

I have missed hearing your news...

likeschocolate said...

Sorry you weren't able to get a good night sleep! THe town however looks very charming!

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