Tuesday, September 4, 2012

EKKA 2012

I think for the first time I didn't heave a great sigh and declare 'I am never doing this AGAIN!'

Really kids do grow up and become better behaved! Hallelujah!

{until you run out of money that is... and they still have plenty of rides they want to try!}

Thanks to my mum who accompanied me {and gets me free entry} as once again The MR was out of town working. {hmmm I see a pattern here ;}

I constantly remind the kids that for us a trip to the Ekka is a group effort. It is an expensive outing, but thanks to their money boxes, parents, grandparents and great grandparents we can fund most of the things they want. It's always a little lesson in seeing how far your money goes {not far}.

Luckily the Ekka is nicely placed between Birthdays, Easter, More birthdays and Christmas. We seem to have a nice spacing of things to look forward to every two months or so in this house. Ekka is perfect timing to give us a pep, something to look forward to during winter and get us looking forward to whats coming next in our calendar. Mid year Fun.

It's a long day 9am-9pm.

Full of all the ekka traditions. We tick all the important things off our list. Rides, Fairy Floss, Baby Animals, Dagwood Dogs, Showbags, Strawberry Sundae Cones, Fireworks, Children falling asleep during fireworks and a long tired walk back to the car with hands brim full of treasures.


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sevencherubs said...

Very brave taking on the Ekka! The kids always seem to enjoy it though and I love the pictures. N x

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Mr will attend next year.

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