Friday, September 14, 2012


As I sat waiting in the cool grey, when that golden glow hit me I was filled with warmth.
Watching a sunrise is almost a spiritual experience in my book. The quiet, the golden warmth that burns into you, the awe, the feeling of renewal, that anything is possible. Life is a gift.

My favourite quotes from the kids:
We love this place - is this our new house?
I love it here where I can say mum I'm going to the beach and you let me go do whatever I want
{to a glorious sunrise} Mum! Heaven is on! Heaven is on!

I can look at the gorgeous shells sitting on my mantle and remember the memories.

We've just returned from our first proper family holiday!

{sure we've camped, stayed with family/friends who live in cool locations etc}

But this was our first proper booked, all the amenties, 5 day stay, beach holiday.

It was wonderful.

Usually hotels are out of our budget {they want us to book 2 rooms}
We're too noisy, crazy to be in a small room and would annoy other guests I'm sure
For a few years beyond his control The Mr was having to change jobs just before the 1 year period to entitle holiday leave. Poor guy went about 5 years without holiday!

I was so happy to find reasonably priced {$140/night} WHOLE houses for holiday rental on

Perfect solution for our family.

We rented a 4 bedroom house right on the beach at Toogoom {outside Hervey Bay}

Toogoom is a quiet beachside suburb with nothing but a few houses along the beach and one store. We basically had 5km stretch of beach to ourselves! Locals would walk their dogs morning and night and that was about it. I had never heard of the place before our booking.

It had shallow gentle water perfect for children
{ahem perfect for adults who want to laze and let their kids go at it without help }
Low Low Tides for exploring
Sand and nothing else in the clear water {for scaredy cats like me}
Pefect Sunset and Sunrise viewing {I have ALOT of photos!}

Now for Photo Overload :)


We swam and played on the beach each day before breakfast.
We had a fire on our beach with marshmallows and star viewing.
We fed turtles and sharks at this hokey aquarium
Walked each sunrise and sunset
Lazing on the hammock
We kayaked around and around

Only downside was green fluffy seaweed everywhere on the shore which a local told me only happens once a year, he said what a shame about this seaweed on your holiday.

 We stayed here at Cedar Beach Lodge
{think 70's beachhouse with lots of brown wood, lime green bathroom, cork floors, mission brown outside}We since found out that half the town is a holiday rental so I'm sure more fancier places could be found

House came with all amenties
kayak and canoe {kids LOVED that}
washer and dryer {came home with clean clothes instead of piles of dirty washing!}
Big Double Hammock
Lovely rainforesty garden
Out door dining

If you've made it this far some photos of the house :

We would love to do this again with family and friends and we can all have a house each!

I'm still on holiday high - I'm searching online for the next holiday!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful days in the sun. I'm so glad you had a good time.

Sandy M. said...

It sounds (and looks) like a lovely holiday! :)
(Do you have a way for people to 'follow' your Blog? :)

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